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Anything is possible. All it takes is a commitment from you.



We acknowledge that building an online business can be a bit more complex than what many of us anticipate.  The fact is most of the startup businesses fail due to lack of knowledge related to personal development, finances, and technical aspect of building a business.


Our main goal is to learn about your challenges, help you create a plan of action, as well as guide you through the steps and how to's in building your business specifically. 


Whether it is a website, funnel, membership site creation, product set up, email marketing, automations set up, or affiliate marketing that you are looking to learn and have someone guide you through - we've got you covered!






If this is your first time scheduling a call/session please make sure to choose the 'Initial Consultation' option. Once you have set up a session, you may be contacted for pre-qualification purposes, when that is complete you will receive a confirmation or a cancelation notice depending on your status. The purpose of pre-qualification is to double check we are a good fit and we can deliver on what we promise.

I can’t recommend a better coach and a mentor other than Katie Lendel. She gives you a complete Success Blueprint and teaches you how to set your business up for long term growth and build your own tribe of followers. You can’t lose if you follow the steps and take massive action toward your goals. Thank you, Katie, for all you have done for me!​

David Cadiz

Certified Coach and Speaker

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Katie Lendel for helping me get started in Affiliate Marketing. I'm a complete newbie and she made it so simple to understand.

Glenn Macaraeg

Affiliate Marketer

There has definitely been many "aha" moments for me while going through Katie's trainings. She provides massive value and step-by-step instructions that I wasn't getting from other content that I've purchased prior. I'm so glad that I was able to come across Katie on Facebook and get to know her.  She is not a stranger, if I needed help or clarification with something I sent her an email or even a Facebook message, and she responded quickly.​

Annette Quilinquin

Internet Entrepreneur


Having a mentor or a coach in business and on your entrepreneurial journey is a MUST.  

#1. A coach or a mentor will provide knowledge and teach you the skill.


When you are just starting out there are business plan, budgeting, strategic decision making, marketing, and so much more to learn and master.  These are all important aspects of building a business. A mentor will guide you and equipt you with a wealth of knowledge that will help you speed up the process and shorten the learning curve.


#2. A mentor will stimulate you to strive for growth. 


It is absolutely crucial for you to personally and professionally develop in order for your business to grow.  A mentor will help you understand the areas in need of growth and motivate you to expand your knowledge.


#3. A mentor will be a trusted advisor.


In this day and age, when it comes to building a business and decision making it is hard to know who to trust.  A mentor or a coach will help you distinguish between a pitfall and a great opportunity and guide you in the right direction.




For over a decade I was assisting many people all over the world build an online business and achieve total freedom.

My goal is to help you discover your purpose and develop talents, skills, and abilities to live life full of passion and fulfillment.



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