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My name is Katie and I am just an ordinary stay-at-home-mom who once had a dream to be able to make a full-time income from home, as well as an incredible passion to help others create the lifestyle they truly deserve. When my first baby turned two months I had to go back to work. It was heartbreaking to have to leave my baby at home, knowing I will be gone all day. 


Even though I had a great babysitter, I loved her, I just felt wrong leaving my baby with someone else, and not be there for her.  That was a moment of confusion as well as a realization for me. I thought to myself, “Is this really what life is all about?” I had no life, leaving to work at 7:30 am and coming back at 7:30 pm. I had only a couple of hours to see my family, sleep, and then go back to work day after day.


I’ve realized it’s not supposed to be this way. If this will continue, how will this child be raised? I want to see my child cross every milestone and I want to teach her the skills and values she needs to know in order to succeed in every area of her life. I believe, if God has blessed us with children, we are responsible for raising them to be responsible, respectful, self-disciplined individuals, and set them up for success - not just hope someone else will do that for us.

I also have big dreams and goals that I want to fulfill, so staying at home and doing nothing just not going to help it. Besides, I am a hardworking, ambitious, and success-driven mom. So, I started praying and asking God to show me an opportunity that will allow me to achieve my dreams. I continued working part-time at my job with my second baby on the way.  At the same time, I was introduced to a Network Marketing opportunity, which was the idea that I loved. Though I haven't had much success with it, I am grateful for this opportunity to gain the skills, experience, knowledge, and realize there are other opportunities out there other than the J.O.B.


I’ve also built a couple of other businesses on a side prior to that. But even though I did not have much success in any of the previous businesses either, it gave me a lesson to never give up. The fact is if I would’ve given up when I failed in one business after another I would not be where I am today. 


After having my second baby, I could not imagine myself going back to work, and leaving my two small kids behind. I said to myself, “I am not doing this anymore.” No matter what it takes for me to be able to stay home with them I will do my best and accomplish my goal. So, I continued to pray, I didn’t know what to do, because I was supposed to go back to work to provide for the family because what we had wasn't enough. But miracles do happen!


Instead of me going back to work we went on a two-week vacation and when we returned we were introduced to another Network Marketing opportunity. It started bringing us income right away but it didn't take too long for me to realize that I don't exactly enjoy the home parties, three-way calls, or pitching a product to someone who doesn't really need it.


I kept searching for something that I would truly enjoy as well as that would allow me to create the lifestyle of freedom. Later I was introduced to Internet Marketing, and I loved the aspect of making money with a 'click of a mouse'. 

I started learning all about it, mastering leadership, funnel creation, and marketing skills, as well as working on my mindset and personal growth.

It wasn't easy, but it was so worth it. From then on, it’s been a blessing for me to stay home with my children, now three, do what I love, as well as making a difference in the world by helping others do the same.


The search led me to now be the CEO of Born To Succeed LLC, a six-figure online company, and a Founder of the Online Business Lounge. For over a decade I was assisting many people all over the world to build an online business and achieve total freedom.


I am humbled and excited to be able to serve you. If I can do it, you can do it too because I am no better than you. It is my passion to help you realize your dreams, discover unique abilities, develop the skills needed, and inspire you to go get it! I want all moms, as well as dads, who have the same dream as I once had to be able to accomplish it. With my love and support, I am here to help you succeed. I love to dream BIG, achieve goals that others think is impossible, as well as encourage you to do the same.

It may be because of seeing so many success stories of people who make a full-time income from home you believe with all of your heart there is a way to make it happen. You want to know the aspects of building a successful internet business and achieve greatness in your life.


You are overwhelmed with all of the information that you’ve learned. You wish that someone would just hand you a blueprint, a guide that is proven to create success. It would make your life so much easier. You just don’t know where to start. 


You’ve come to the right place, friend.

I am here to help you. I've created an e-book especially for you. In this book, I share with you the powerful 7 aspects of building a successful internet business. It will help you eliminate your fear of failure and overcome the stumbling blocks to build a successful future. My goal is to connect with like-minded individuals who are ambitious, take initiative, and who make things happen. If you are that person, I’d love for you to check the e-book out below.  Grab it, read it cover to cover, and most importantly take action. Also, feel free to check out other resources that you can find on this website. You got this, boss. Let’s make things happen!


To Your Legendary Success,



For over a decade I was assisting many people all over the world build an online business and achieve total freedom.

My goal is to help you discover your purpose and develop talents, skills, and abilities to live life full of passion and fulfillment.



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