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As you may know, there are so many online opportunities and ways to make money that at times gets overwhelming. It is crucial for us to understand which one is actually a legit opportunity and which one is not. 


In this post and video training I am sharing with you some basic free ways to make money online to more advanced paid ways with an opportunity to make more money.


Please watch the video training below where I explain more in detail about every one of these ways and find the resources mentioned below:


#1. CPA Marketing - Get paid for clicks and leads.


https://www.performcb.com/partners/ https://www.maxbounty.com/affiliates.cfm


#2. Website Monetization - Get paid for ad placements on your website.





#3. Making money with YouTube.


  • Choose a niche
  • Find the most popular videos in that specific niche
  • Create a similar video
  • Don’t forget to promote something in the video (affiliate product, your own course, etc)
  • Share your video with your audience within 24 hours of posting it
  • Focus on producing at least 3 videos per week
  • You will only be able to monetize through YouTube monetization program when you are:

* In ‘good standing’ with YouTube

* At least 4,000 hours watched in the last 12 months

* At least at 1,000 subscribers


Again, you don’t have to wait until you hit that benchmark, you can start promoting affiliate products, your own courses, physical products (through Amazon affiliate program), etc in your videos from the start.


#4. Affiliate Marketing






Kartra: http://www.CompleteBusinessPlatform.com


Remember, it’s crucial to have a landing page/list building when promoting affiliate products.


#5. Creating your own ebook or mini-course in a specific niche.


Creating an ebook in Canva - https://www.canva.com/join/linen-ribbons-darts​


https://www.CompleteBusinessPlatform.com - Learn more about Kartra, host ebook and create sales page, etc for the ebook.


You can also create and host an ebook in Google Docs and Google Drive: https://docs.google.com/ and https://drive.google.com


Sales page example: http://sevenbusinessaspects.com/


Mini-course: A series of short video trainings put together in Kartra in a course in membership site. All can be set up in Kartra.


Example: Digital Product Creation course - https://katielendel.kartra.com/page/dpcc-sales


#6.'Experts for hire' in Kartra


If you are already experienced with Kartra, there is another huge opportunity for you that has just been released: add your profile and have other Kartra users hire you to do projects for them within Kartra.


In fact, if you are a Kartra user and need any help setting something up, here’s my profile where you can learn exactly what I can help you with and contact me to get your project done.


Here’s my profile link: https://app.kartra.com/experts/#expert=70


#7. Campaign Marketplace in Kartra Build a campaign, post it and sell it.

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